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Automated cleaning with the VMARC has many advantages, leading to a reduction of cost and time of cleaning, while maintaining an optimal level of quality and productivity. 


Infection control / patiënt care

With the VMARC, you can use several washing programs, configured to your requirements. By varying the time, pressure and temperature used in the process, the VMARC washes cleaner than existing methods. Using the VMARC, the occurrence of care related infections with the bed or mattress as the source of infection can be reduced to a minimum.

Cleaning with robots

Using robots in the washing chamber enables a targeted cleaning process. The robots work fast, continuously and with a high level of precision. The automated cleaning process has the following advantages:

  • Guided and precise cleaning per object, by highly maneuverable robot arms with specially designed tools
  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • High capacity, due to a fast and continuous process
  • Safely works with high temperatures and pressure.
  • Effortlessly cleans hard to reach areas

Cost savings: time is money

The duration and the level of each washing cycle can be programmed in advance, allowing  a cost calculation to be made for each object to be cleaned. In addition, the Vmarc® has low energy consumption and a short throughput time. Cleaning and drying a hospital bed and mattress takes only 6 minutes. The ergonomic design of the VMARC allows operation by a single person. After rolling the bed, with mattress, into the input station, the process is fully automatic. After 6 minutes the operator can roll the cleaned and dried objects from the output station.

Thorough cleaning of bed and mattress

Using advanced robot technology, the VMARC washes and dries the bed on all sides, top and bottom. In the washing chamber, the mattress is automatically lifted from the bed, and cleaned and dried on every side. Visible stains from, e.g. blood or food, are removed effortlessly while at the same time, invisible contaminations, by bacteria and fungi etc., are reduced to a minimum. Special measuring techniques have demonstrated significantly reduced levels of these contaminations after cleaning with the VMARC.    

Do you want to know how clean your bed is? Then contact us for an ATP-measurement. We can also provide you with a cost comparison between you current cleaning method, and cleaning with the VMARC.

The green choice

Due to efficient use of purified water and energy, cleaning with the VMARC has a low environmental impact, and a low level of CO2-emission. By using purified water, no chemical additives are necessary.

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