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Manual vs automated cleaning

Automated cleaning of hospital beds has many advantages over manual cleaning. The VMARC washes demonstrably cleaner than a manual process, and delivers a consistant quality that can be verified and validated. Automated cleaning with the VMARC is reproducible and reliable.

The VMARC also offers advantages compared to other methods of automated cleaning. The VMARC is a fully automated, durable washing solution. The robot technology enables a targeted and precise cleaning process, ensuring a reduction in the use of (purified) water and energy. The VMARC is designed to reduce the effort and personnel required to move the hospital equipment in and out of the input/output stations to a minimum.

Thorough cleaning of bed and mattress

Using advanced robot technology, the VMARC washes and dries the hospital bed on all sides, top and bottom. In the washing chamber, the mattress is lifted from the bed and cleaned and dried on every side. Visible stains from e.g. blood or food, are removed effortlessly; at the same time, invisible contaminations and micro-organisms are reduced to a minimum. Special measuring techniques have demonstrated significantly reduced levels of these contaminates after cleaning with the VMARC. Research shows that manual cleaning of hospital beds realizes a reduction up to 65% of the present contaminates, whereas automated cleaning with the VMARC realizes a reduction of 95% to 98%.

Do you want to know how clean your bed is? Then contact us for an ATP-measurement. We can also provide you with a cost comparison between your current cleaning method, and cleaning with the VMARC.

Measuring ‘clean’ with ATP

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is present in all organic cells originating from animals, plants, bacteria, yeast or fungi. The level of ATP detected on an object is therefore a good indicator of the level of contamination from one or more of these sources.

The amount of light that is reflected in the presence of ATP can be measured, and is proportional to the level of ATP present. The measured amount of light, expressed in Relative Light Units (RLU), is an indirect measure for the amount of cellular material present. By measuring the number of RLU with an ATP surface test before and after the cleaning process, the reduction in the number of RLU can be determined. This is a measure for the effect of the cleaning process.

Contact us for an ATP-measurement in your organization.

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